Which SDK to pick for Javascript apps?

  • 29 October 2021
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While browsing through the SDKs in I noticed there are two options to use for JavaScript apps.


Which one is the recommended for someone trying to use it in a single page app written in JS?

1 reply

Hi @Xurderuster ,

Have you decided on the technology that you are planning to write the application in?

We have SDKs for Angular & React that has out of the box support for framework specific functionalities. I would recommend you to use one of these if you are planning to develop your application with React or Angular.

React -

Angular -

Let me give an explanation on the `asgardeo-auth-js-sdk` & `asgardeo-auth-spa-sdk`.

asgardeo-auth-js-sdk contains the core methods needed to implement the authentication logic. This is being consumed by the asgardeo-auth-spa-sdk to inherit core functions. In addition, `spa-sdk` has functionalities that are specific for SPA applications such as browser redirects, etc. `spa-sdk` was used as a base for React & Angular SDKs.