Is there a way to setup OIDC based SSO for Asgardeo applications?

  • 9 March 2022
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I’ve been exploring the Asgardeo cloud for quite some time and I want to know whether is there a way to setup SSO between the SPAs using OIDC (not the federate providers like Google, Github etc). 


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Hi Vignesh,


The single sign-on will be handled by Asgardeo for the SPAs by default. If you log in to one SPA and then if you try to login to  the second SPA  , you will be automatically logged in.


Or if you are looking for login with external OIDC IdP, you can follow the below steps to do that.


  1. Create a standard-based IdP connection with OIDC protocol. More information can be found from here.
  2. Go to your SPA configuration page and add your new connection as the first step(remove existing Username & Password signin method). You can find this configuration from the Sign-in Method tab. Do same to your all SPAs.
  3. Then login to one SPA and you will be SSO to your other applications when trying to login.


If you are trying to  implement SSO in your SPA, you can try out the  sample React, Angular, Javascript applications in the Quick start section to get some idea. Also you can refer to the SDKs.


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Hi Dimuthu,

Thanks for the update, now its working! Previously when i tried the sample react apps and did SSO and SLO and had issues. 


Appreciate your support!