How can I change the display name of a user

  • 2 August 2022
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I want to change above display name of a user, I tried clicking on it it didn’t work.

3 replies

Playing around with the console, I noticed that the name displayed on the profile of a user is a concat of the first name and last name of the user in the profile.


Tried tweaking those two attributes?

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Hi Manuranga,

Thanks for stepped IAM4DEV and trying out the Asgardeo. You can simply add/edit the “First Name & Last Name” fields under the “User profile” of the particular user. It will shows as the display name of the user. Please follow the below image. If you have more concerns regarding this please let us know in advance. Also, if you are seeking further help on your Asgardeo journey please drop a mail to Asgardeo support desk @asgardeo-help. We are always looking forward to assist on your Asgardeo journey. 




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Hi Manuranga,

This can be simply done by adding/editing the “First Name & Last Name” fields under your user’s  “User profile”. Please refer to below image for more clarification.